Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Do you remember the RPGShow wig that I recently reviewed?  
You can check that out >>here<< 

I love the original cut of the wig so I kept it as is.  The only thing I felt needed to be done was just a slight darkening of the roots.  That's an easy fix, I used a rinse so it isn't permanent.  The results actually aren't as dark as I'd expected so I am going to purchase a darker dye, possibly a semi permanent since I feel like a have the hang of this 'dying of the roots' ordeal.  My goal is to get the roots as close to my natural color as possible, to make it believable. 

Another thing that I needed to work at was making the hair line more realistic.  This problem was solved by simply applying the wig slightly behind my hairline.  I then blended my natural hair line-- Thanks for the suggestions YouTube fam!  I read your comments and take them into consideration.  ;)

To get foxy gal waves, I used my usual oil and water mixture 
to moisten the hair, and did two bantu-knots.
 Placing a satin bonnet over it tomorrow 
we shall see free flowing, heatless curls--I call them Foxy Gal curls!!

Now     ------------------------------     Then

The Wig:


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  3. i prefer my natural hair natural relaxed hair! lol


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